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Our Courses

At HTAA IT Institute, we understand the importance of flexibility in your Health IT training. That's why our programs are available on multiple learning platforms, year-round. With our expert instructors and top-notch curriculum, you'll be equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this vital industry. 




Introduction to Healthcare Processes and Technology

Master the essential skills for a successful healthcare career. Ideal for aspiring patient services specialists, administrators, patient family care liaisons, and billing/insurance coordinators.


Subject areas include:

▪ Core healthcare operations

▪ Technology that drives healthcare

▪ Importance of excellent customer service

▪ Government regulations

▪ Privacy and security fundamentals

▪ Communication skills

Duration: 20 hours, 7 weeks

Prerequisite: None


Preparation for Microsoft 365 and Windows Certifications.

Introduction to Healthcare Processes and Technology


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Health IT, Informatics, and Analytics: Parts 1 & 2

Embrace the digital healthcare revolution accelerated by COVID-19. Explore virtual care models, patient-centric services, advanced analytics, population health, interoperability, and privacy/security. Practical workshops enhance your IT and data analytics skills.


This comprehensive course covers:

▪ Health IT operations

▪ Health IT application and solutions

▪ Security and privacy

▪ Data analytics

▪ AI integration

▪ Project leadership

▪ Change management

▪ Emerging trends

Duration: 40 hours 14 weeks

Prerequisite: None

Preparation for CAHIMS and CPHIMS certification and to work as a healthcare technology leader.

Health IT, Informatics, and Analytics: Parts 1 & 2


Security & Privacy in Healthcare

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Healthcare continues to be the number 1 attacked industry by cyber threats of all types. This course builds on security and privacy fundamentals using workshops and case studies to prepare individuals to fill critical risk management jobs in healthcare.

Areas discussed include:

▪ State of healthcare security and privacy

▪ Healthcare security and privacy challenges

▪ Common security and privacy breach scenarios

▪ Cybersecurity best practices

▪ Basics of performing a Security Risk Assessment

▪ Next generation security tools and techniques

▪ Ensuring a security and privacy culture


The course includes hands-on workshops and case studies of tools and techniques used in healthcare. Leave with the knowledge necessary to help prevent cyber threats and help enhance healthcare organization security.

Duration: 20 hours, 7 weeks

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of healthcare processes and technology

Preparation for the CISSP and CISA Certification.

Security & Privacy in Healthcare
Image by Steve Johnson


AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is seen as a game changer in enhancing healthcare solutions, treatment plans and ultimately health outcomes. Cut through the hype of Artificial Intelligence and learn the great rewards AI provides for healthcare but also the risk.


You’ll learn:

▪ What AI is and what makes AI work

▪ What are the challenges and risks of AI

▪ The future of AI in healthcare and what’s changing

▪ AI in healthcare analytics and informatics

▪ Evaluating AI solutions for healthcare


The course includes hands-on workshops and real-life examples of how AI can be used to enhance population health and patient care outcomes. In 7 weeks, leave with the knowledge necessary to participate in the AI revolution in healthcare.

Duration: 20 hours, 7 weeks

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of information technology and analytics.

Preparation for the ARTIBA Certification.

AI in Healthcare


Leadership Presentation

Leadership Training, 1x1 Coaching and Team Coaching

Leadership training and coaching improves performance, decreases stress, and enhances overall teamwork. Training opens minds to leadership approaches, tools, & techniques to transform careers and organizations. Coaching helps leaders, managers, and emerging leaders gain clarity about what's holding them back, be authentic, and see options for change and growth.


Focus areas may include:

▪ Leadership during rapid change

▪ What we can’t control

▪ Managing upward

▪ Empowering others to lead

▪ Authentic leadership

▪ Team building

▪ Communication skills

Duration: Variable. 8- 24 hours based on scope and delivery method

Prerequisite: Desire to increase your leadership ability

Leadership Training, 1x1 Coaching and Team Coaching



CAHIMS / CPHIMS Certification Bootcamp

Elevate your career in healthcare information and management systems with the coveted CAHIMS and CPHIMS certifications. In today's fiercely competitive job market, these certifications set you apart and open doors to a world of opportunities.


Our intensive bootcamp covers:

▪ HIMSS materials and exam guidance

▪ All exam domains

▪ All study materials

▪ Multiple subject area quizzes

▪ Practice exam

Duration: Variable. 12 hours, 2–4 sessions

Prerequisite: 2 years or more of Healthcare and/or Health IT experience.


Fundamental understanding of information technology. Learn more here

CAHIMS / CPHIMS Certification Bootcamp
  • How are the courses taught?
    Courses are taught in-person, on-line and hybrid. The method used depends on the course and the location of the attendees. All courses have been designed to be conducted in any format.
  • What background do I need?
    The most important thing is the desire to learn Health IT & Analytics skills that open up new employment opportunities and/or enhance current job growth. Having either an information technology or a healthcare background does help for advanced and certification preparation courses.
  • What materials are provided?
    All materials that you need are provided. This includes all presentation, workshop and exam preparation materials. To make access it easy we use DropBox and Canvas.
  • What do the courses cost?
    Costs are specific to each course and the method in which they are taught. Since the Health Tech Institute is aligned with two healthcare non-profits, our goal is to keep all fees as reasonable as possible. Please contact us for specific course fees.
  • What certifications can I obtain?
    Depending on the course completed, you will be eligible to obtain Microsoft Office and Networking certifications as well as CAHIMS and CPHIMS certifications provided by HIMSS the preeminent health technology association.
  • Who are the instructors?
    Our instructors live healthcare and health technology every day. They are all healthcare practitioners that love sharing their knowledge and helping others grow. All courses are interactive so we can include real world scenarios and stories in every class.
  • Are the classes certified by an academic or industry organization?
    The Health Tech Institute has relationships with multiple academic institutions including Howard University, Northwestern University and Howard Community College. We are also a non-profit alliance member of HIMSS which provides us the core content for several of our certification preparation courses.
  • How can taking a course help me with my career growth?
    Depending on the course taken, it can help you gain entry into the rapidly growing healthcare and health technology fields. Students who have completed our certification courses and obtained industry certification have seen increased marketability and commensurate salary increase.
  • When are the courses offered?
    Courses are offered through out the year. Please check our courses schedule for details.
  • Healthcare is constantly evolving. Do these courses stay up-to-date with current trends?
    We are constantly updating our courses based on industry trends. Our instructors are out in the field every day so they have the opportunity to see what new technology, regulatory requirements and operation methods are being used. We utilize this information to regularly update course materials and include guest speakers.
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